How to Apply Casino Credit

Most casinos offer credit or a marker (as it is commonly known) to their loyal customers. However, nothing comes for free and it is important to settle everything in order to keep your credit rating with the casino intact.


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    Establish a line of credit

    This procedure will start even before you visit a casino. It will take a couple of days for the casino to process your request so you must contact them in advance about your trip. Get the credit application ready by inquiring from the casino office, or going directly to the casino cage. Fill out the application which is a binding agreement between you and the casino. The latter is now entitled to check your credit profile to see whether you have money in the bank against the marker you have applied.

    If you are planning to take a trip outside your community, or locality, then the application form will be mailed or faxed to you. You can also download the form from the casino’ website, if such service is being provided.

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    Get your maker

    Now that your application has been approved and a credit line established, go to the casino and pick a game of your choice. Ask for your marker. The process is relatively straightforward. After deciding on the table you want to sit, inform your dealer that you have established a line of credit. The dealer will inquire about your case with the floor person and upon submitting your player card, the marker will be presented to you in the amount you desire.  The floor person will fill out the paperwork for you and will hand you the amount in chips. It’s time to roll the dice and start gambling.

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    Balance your marker

    It is important that you settle the credit with the casino. If you are on the winning end, great! Go to the casino cage and balance the amount by paying your maker, while taking home the remaining money. It is obligatory that you pay your marker before leaving the casino.

    However, in case that you have lost your money, the casino most likely will give you a couple of days to pay the amount. If you don’t pay or don’t have the money in the bank, legal action will be taken against you.

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