How to Stop Binge Drinking on Weekends

Starting right from Friday evening and in some case since afternoon over the weekend is the most exciting period for many. Some in fact call it the best time for socialization. Still many end up ending the entire weekend doing nothing much new or exciting but drinking and often drinking to get drunk.

It is binge drinking – an alcoholism – that does not go away that easily. In some severer cases binge drinkers end up in rehab to get them rehabilitated to normal life activity once again.

The most difficult part of binge drinking is to come to the realization it is drinking well above than a normally accepted level. Many binge drinker do not accept that they have a alcoholism, they think they think to an acceptable level, which they can easily absorb into. They are gradually sucked into it and at the end it is too difficult for them to fight off this habit.

Some people who are all of sudden awakened to the fact that they are being dragged away by the binge drinking gradually, try different sort of methods to get rid of it, and often they success in their efforts. There is no universally accepted rule how to get rid of binge drinking, the effort compromises many individual and collective steps to help protect oneself from binge drinking.


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    Be Busy on Weekend

    The most effective method is to get yourself busy on the weekend that you do not get extra time to spend with binge drinking friends. Getting a part-time job is one way to keep yourself busy on the weekend. But if you already work five days a week, working extra on the weekend is not possible. So find some other activity to keep yourself busy on the weekend.

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    Join Gym

    Going regularly to gym is another healthy way to easily get rid of binge drinking. In fact exercise is the quickest way to increase level of your resistance to the temptation of drinking beyond limits.

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    Make New Friends

    Also increase circle of your friends, but be careful about selection of new friends. It might happen that you end up again with some people who themselves are suck into binge drinking problem. Try to make friends who do not drink or drink very little.

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    Discuss Matter With Your Close Friend

    You can discuss the problem with your close friend, who can give you a genuine advise. You can also bring into knowledge of a senior at your workplace or someone who cares about you. They can be help in diverting you away from drinking a lot.

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    Seek Help Online

    There are some helplines and online free advisory services who can provide you some tips or assistance in another form to get you out of the drinking mess. It is not that time consuming process and you might be able to get some genuine tips that you follow and get rid of the problem.

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