How to Survive a Bar Fight

Bar fights are really common, since drinking alcohol lowers a person’s inhibitions and causes him to forget about rationality for a while. If you are having a great time at a bar with your girlfriend or friends, but are invited to a fight by a guy who just harassed your girlfriend or came to you searching for a fight, you need to react to the situation quickly by accessing the pros and cons of taking the guy on. If you have had too much to drink yourself, it is best to avoid getting into a physical fight, unless you are sure you can handle it.


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    The first thing that you should try to do in case you sense the air filling up with tension is to diffuse the situation. You need to stay rational and consider the consequences of engaging in physical confrontation with the guy at the bar. Irrespective of the outcome of the fight, you will have to pay a price for it. In case you win, you will be thrown out for creating a ruckus and may get banned from visiting the place again. In case you lose, you get hospitalised with more than just a broken nose and ruptured self-esteem. Try to stay calm and put some sense into the mind of the other person as well. There is no reason to feel humiliated in backing down in order to keep a fight from starting.

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    If the other guy is being a jerk and is determined to exchange blows with you, there is no reason for you to stop being sensible. Send a friend to call the bartender or bouncer to diffuse the situation and take care of the guy. This will allow you to avoid getting into an ugly situation. No bartender or bouncer wants a fight in their bar, even if it is just a shouting match.

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    If the bouncer or bartender chooses to stay on the sidelines instead of stepping in, then you are left with no option but to fight. Therefore, get into a defensive stance in order to block the punch or kick that the other guy may throw at you. Going into a defensive stance instead of an aggressive one is important so that you do not end up being responsible for initiating the fight.

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    While you defend yourself, search for an opening to strike your opponent and then keep on attacking him until he begs you to stop or you feel safe. While the emotions are running high, you should not stop until you are 100 percent sure that the threat is disappeared.

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