How to Stop Biting your Cheeks from Inside

Cheek biting is an alarming thing and you are in trouble if you are involved in it even unintentionally. It usually creates many problems and also makes the bearer restless all the time. Constant biting of cheeks from inside can cause severe damage to the cells and veins of cheek that can ultimately lead to ulcers in the cheek. It can also cause cheek swelling and make it vulnerable for biting again that can cause an even bigger problem.

Many people, who are in a habit of cheek biting, often feel stinging while eating a particular food. The reason behind that is that they have left sores opened in the mouth that cause them trouble. The condition can become worse if you continue biting cheeks from inside that can lead to a nervous disorder or can also create problem within your jaw and teeth. So, those people who take cheek biting lightly can end up in serious problem. If you are also in a habit of cheek biting and want to get rid of it, then this article will be useful.


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    First and most important thing is that completely clean the opened wounds in your mouth before starting the process of stopping it.

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    Take an ice cube and such it if your mouth is bleeding at the moment as it will stop the blood or will slow the bleeding.

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    Use an antiseptic mouth wash and rinse out your mouth completely. Try to repeat this process at least once in a day but doing twice is better.

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    It is better to get a complete check up of your mouth, jaws and teeth from an orthodontist or dentist. He/she will let you know whether the cheek biting have caused you any trouble in your teeth or jaw.

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    You should use a chewing gum which will keep your mouth busy and you will not do any damage to your cheeks by biting them even unintentionally.

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    Basically, your brain tells you to bite your cheeks as it has become your habit. You can also try a therapy which will help you in keeping in mind all the time that you have to stop cheek biting.

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    You can also employ hypnotizing method to train your brain and let it know that biting your cheek from inside is something not good for you.

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