How to Stop Having Nightmares Every Night

In some occasions, the only dreams we remember are nightmares which we desperately want to forget. Some nightmares are believed to be a healthy part of life. However, if you are constantly waking up from your sleep due to repetitive nightmare, you need to alter your daily habitat. Nightmares may include monsters, bogeyman, zombies or even snake which appears in front of you. You may even see that you are in class in your pyjamas or naked in street. Nightmares are usually caused by insufficient sleep, stress, diet or even loss of a loved one including pets. By following some guidelines, you will be able to stop having nightmares.


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    Seek for a happy place

    You need to look for a happy place. It is not somewhere around the globe. You can make a happy place or base it on an area where you have been to. Remember to choose a place which is calm, peaceful and relaxing. Keep in mind that you do not want to tell anyone whom you are not willing to see in your dream. If you do, he might enter your dream and mess everything there.

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    Think happy thoughts

    You should think of happy thoughts and happy things happening to you. You can imagine that you are flying without wings, be a super hero of your town, ruling the world etc. You can also think of yourself enjoying in your happy place. In case a bad thing starts happening in your dream, try to wake yourself up. By doing this, your bad imagination will start to disperse.

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    Talk to someone

    You need to tell someone about your dreams. This person should be trustworthy e.g. your close friend or family member whom you can express easily. Do tell him why you are scared. You can jolt down your nightmare in a dream journal as this will help you in explaining. After regularly sharing your nightmare with an understandable person, your bad dreams will go away.

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    Sometimes you see nightmare because of stress. You need to relax yourself and get rid of all worries in night. If you are finding a job for a long time or facing a break up, you should relax. You can meditate, do yoga or spend a day at beach to relax.

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