How to Stop Overwatering a Lawn

As a gardener you should ensure that your plants are watered according to their need. Overwatering is as dangerous as is underwatering, and you will have to make sure that a right level of water is made available to your lawn all the time. In case of overwatering your lawn, your plants can be damaged at roots. This can affect their growth, or else they start losing leaves or showing other signs of bad health. Overwatering also makes plants weak at roots and they can easily get uprooted by children. Make sure an adequate water is supplied to your plants, not more or less.


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    Take weather conditions into account while watering your plants. If it is rain, you will need less water for your plants, because they are getting enough water through natural sources. Also, you should not give excessive water to plants during winter time. In summer, you can increase the water supply but make sure to maintain it according to the need of plants.

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    Also think of plants varieties. Some plants need more water and growth of others can be content with less water supply. So provide water to your plants according to their individual need. For example, for some plants you might need to water on a daily basis and for some once in week watering is enough. As a gardener you should know about the individual needs of the plants.

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    Consider other times, such as supply of fertilizers to plants, and water them accordingly. At the time of putting fertilizer into plants, you will need more water, while otherwise, you can keep the water supply as per regular routine. Also, if you have added composite in the land around plants, you should give more water to them, otherwise avoid it.

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    Monitoring plants' condition on a regular basis can help you provide them water as per their need. Sometimes, a plant can dehydrate quickly for any sudden change in climate or for any reason that you might not know. It can be due to some disease, so increase in water supply at that time is healthy for the plants. This helps increase their immune system strength to fight off the disease successfully.

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    If your plants are potted in different pots, having a water drainage system in them can also help prevent overwatering. Generally, indoor plants need less water and overwatering can cause quick damage to them. Make sure you consider these aspects and water the plants according to their need.

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