How to Study for an Online Class

Online classes are a great time saver if your life is intensely busy. Sometimes, a day job, coupled with other responsibilities like handling children, leaves you so drained and busy that you do not have time to pay attention to your education. However, this does not mean that you should give up hope – take control and accomplish what you can to finish your education right now. Online classes can work out well in this regard. However, if you take an online class, you need to set some time aside for study too, and there are a number of ways in which you can do this.


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    When studying online, you should handle your time with care. Just like you have a specific time to take the online classes, you should also consider setting aside a specific time slot when you will study and only study. The best times can be when your children go to bed or right after dinner, depending upon your choice. You can decide the time yourself, as you can judge your schedule better than anyone else can.

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    Keep a folder for lecture notes and assignments. Add everything pertaining to the subject to this folder. Prepare a list of due dates for assignments and tests and add it to the folder.

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    Look at the due date list every time you sit down to study. The closer you get to one of these dates, the more you need to work on that specific test/assignment. Email your course instructor if you have any questions or need direction. Don't wait until you are completely lost and in the dark.

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    Study two hours for each hour you spend in an actual online class. For example, for a three-hour college credit course, this translates to six hours of study for each time you "attend" the class. This is the accepted guideline for studying for all classes.

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    Highlight important information you come across so that you will know you need to give it more time. Make good use of discussion boards and email chat programs set up specifically for the course you are taking.

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    Finally, ace the tests and class assignments with the right amount of drive and self-discipline.

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