How to Study Jamaican Painters

Studying an art form with a specific purpose and angle can be an overwhelming experience. When you are trying to understand the art work of painters, it gets very hard as there are always multiple layers and one cannot understand it without bearing a couple of things in mind.

In recent times, Jamaican painters have risen to prominence due to the uniqueness and richness of their paintings. Vibrant colour selection, depiction of Jamaican culture and Caribbean flavour make their art work significant. One must consider a few important things while studying Jamaican painters.


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    Know the culture and traditions:

    The first and foremost thing you should do is to gather some information about Jamaican culture and traditions. You must know that a painter is always influenced by culture and hardly few can get out of the net of local traditions. Even if an artist’s work does not address the local issues, it is still the by-product of his or her revolt against the local traditions and customs.

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    Study the political condition:

    Next thing you should do is to study the political, social and economic conditions of the era of that particular artist. Keep in mind that artists always get inspiration from surroundings and they are always linked with the soil. While studying some painter, a sound knowledge of their era can really help you in understanding the real meaning of their work.

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    Do some research about the artists:

    To understand a Jamaican painter, you should do some research about that artist’s personal life. Though, many art libraries can help you in this regard but you can also browse the internet for this purpose as it has become an instant source of information. Try to dig deep for emotional setbacks as such incidents leave a long lasting impact on an artist’s mind which ultimately comes out in their art work.

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    Visit the official website:

    You can study Jamaican painters with the help of West Indian art website. This website has a collection of almost every prominent painter. It also gives you authentic information and a brief introduction of any artist’s work.

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    Review the work of local artists:

    You should explore and review the paintings of local artists. Albert Artwell, Clifford Scott, Elizabeth White, David Elliott Wilson and Milton Messam are the few prominent names in the list of Jamaican painters. They are famous for their imagery, symbolism and bold subjects.

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