How to Study the Art of War

“The Art of War” is a 2500-year-old book on military strategies which was written by a Chinese martial Sun Tzu. It is regarded as the best work by any author on the subject of war tactics. Despite being old, this book is still valid today and no one can talk down its importance as the strategies described in this book can be applied in business, politics and other fields as well.

No matter if you are a passionate businessman, an eager politician or a military history student, you must review this book. However, leafing through pages is not enough rather you should follow some tips to grasp the maximum knowledge.


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    Be in right frame of mind:

    First of all, you will have to be prepared mentally as this is not an ordinary book rather it is complete saga of warfare. If you have not read such piece of literature before then you will face a bit of difficulty in building pace and getting the true essence of this book. However, you must remain consistent and patient as ultimately this author will hold your finger and take you to the world of battles and strategies.

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    Start reading:

    Now, when you are in right frame of mind, you should start reading the book. The most common mistake people make is to read different reviews about this book and then they evaluate “The Art of War” through their mentor’s eyes. This is the wrong approach as you should not start reading a book with pre-set notions. You must go with a blank mind and try to look at the book with a different angle.

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    Discuss at the end of every chapter:

    The Art of War has 13 chapters and each chapter covers one aspect of warfare. The best way to study this sixth-century master piece is to have a group discussion at the end of every chapter. In this way, you will be able understand the things that your mind could not notice. Similarly, you will be able to know how to apply its theories in different fields of life. For instance, the rule of “know your enemy as you know yourself” can be applied not only in war but also in business, politics or even in personal relations.

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    Read war literature:

    You must read other warfare books as this will broaden your vision and you will be able to study the ancient “Art of War” in a more effective manner. Read poetry, memoirs and other forms of literature to understand this genre.

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