How to Survive Total Economic Collapse

People always feel fear of financial problems at the time of economic collapse and the situation gets worst when it becomes total economic collapse meaning that economy is touching the depth of its scale. When the worth of US dollar, which is the most popular currency in the whole world, comes down, it affects many things not only in America but also in the entire world and people start predicting hard times ahead. Economic stability brings prosperity to everyone and in the similar manner economic collapse also effects everyone badly.

However, life goes on even at hard times but only those people revive their former position at the time of economic collapse who know plan well and prepare before time. If you sense a total economic collapse ahead, then start making plans for your survival. You can take guidance from this article if you do not know what to do if such times are nearby.


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    The first step you should take is to do a proper planning to deal with the hard times. Compile a list including your assets, debts and expenditures. Also think about getting rid of your debts while meeting your daily expenditures as well.

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    Your main target should be paying off all of your debts and also try to save as much of your assets as possible which will help you in surviving total economic collapse. Try your best not to borrow further money as it will cause trouble later on.

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    You can sell your vehicle that cost you a higher interest rate and replace it with the cheaper one. In an economic collapse, your assets will help you but your liabilities will not.

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    Try to exchange your savings with gold and silver as these precious metals will not cause you any loss, even if the dollar's value falls.

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    Make a careful evaluation of your mutual funds and other stocks and make sure that your investments are secure enough to protect you from hard times.

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    Also try to accumulate basic amenities of life like food supplies and grains for a longer period of time. Try to accumulate those things that can be stored for months without having the fear of staling.

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    You should also stay prepared to do household work or job at home at the time of total economic collapse. You can survive by producing or manufacturing thing, especially home made things.

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    Try to develop your relations with your neighbours as a community can help each other in hard times of economic collapse.

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    If possible, raise your own animals for milk and meat and also try to grow your own grain. You can also raise rabbits and chicken to get meat which will help you to survive in a convenient manner.

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