How to Take Care of a Pet Goat

Goats are one among the perfect choices when it comes to pet animals. They are not only cute but blessed with many natural and beautiful aspects. Goats provide us with milk, meat, wool and manure etc, and require very minor care and attention in return. They don’t require any extra pampering, daily walks, neither you have to clean their litter box on daily basis. What these beneficial animals ask for is some care, food, water and a tidy shelter. By taking care of your pet goat, you can enjoy many benefits.


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    Good Fencing

    Secure your goat pen with some quality fencing so that they can enjoy their freedom in a safe and sound environment. Make sure that the installed fencing is high enough for your pet goat to stay inside, keeping all the possible predators outside.

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    Adequate Shelter

    Adequate shelter is one among the major requirements to keep your pet goat happy and healthy.  It protects your goat from many weather changes. Large or medium barn-like structure can make a good shelter. Moreover, a medium shed or a big dog house can be best possible choices for goat’s shelter. Check out, How to Build a Shed and How to Build a Dog House. Make sure that your goat house is well ventilated so that you pet can enjoy fresh air and sunlight. However, make sure that it is free from drafts.

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    Provide Plenty of Water

    Provide your pet goat with clean water to drink every day. Use large bucket for this purpose and make sure to wash it before add water into it.

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    Feed Properly

    Take a very good care of your pet goat’s nutrients. Given below are some suggestions to feed your pet goat:

    Alfalfa and hay: These two items are best source of nutrient for your pet goat, especially during the non-grazing seasons. About 2 to 4 pounds of hay or alfalfa is enough for daily feeding.

    Chaffhaye: It makes best substitute for hay and alfalfa. However, keep its quantity 2 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight of your pet goat.

    Concentrates: Oats, bran, and barley etc are other good choices to feed your pet goat during non-grazing seasons.

    Grains: Various grains are power houses of protein, vitamins, and minerals, which are superb sources of nutrition for your pet goat. You can consider rolled grain, whole grain, texturized grain or pelleted grain to feed your goat.

    Salt-lick block: It is one among goat’s favourite. Place some salt-lick blocks on various locations of the designated area.

    Lush green food: Green leaves, grass and weeds etc are good food choices for your pet goat, during the grazing seasons.

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    Be Aware of Bloating

    Over feeding your pet goat with lush green food items can cause them to bloat. Consult the pet doctor of your area and fix the issue. It can kill your pet goat, if not treated timely and properly.

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    Help your Goat to Climb

    Goats just love climbing. So make some arrangement to help it to climb and enjoy life with the allotted area.  Place the food and water at certain height, so that your goat reaches it by climbing. Hanging food from tree is a good idea that you can practice. Make sure that the height is reachable for the goat.

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    Pet goats won't require a lot of grooming, but pampering can make them feel better. Brushing, bathing, and clipping are some of the very simple grooming activities for your pet goat. You are going to fall in love with your neat, tidy and healthy pet goat.

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    Trimming Hooves

    Trimming hooves does not take much effort. Trim the hooves of your goat at least once per month.

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    Goat Diseases

    Spend some time with your pet goat every day in order to keep an eye on the common goat diseases. Acetonemia, Anaemia, Rinderpest, Anorexia, Arthritis, Anthrax, Bronchitis, Brucellosis, Big-Head, Cystitis, Contagious Ecthyma, Collibacillosis, Chlamydiosis, Cheesy Gland, Coccidiosis, Dermatitis, Enterotoxemia, and Dysentery etc are the common diseases of goat that you really have to be careful about.

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