How to Compost Goat Manure

Great news for gardening enthusiast and farmers – stop spending on the expensive fertilizers and use something more natural, more-effective and cost-efficient. We are talking about none other than “Goat’s Manure.” It is a naturally rich fertilizer and its addition to your fields or garden and lawn beds can create the optimal growing conditions for your plants, enriching the soil. Composting goat manure can play vital role in the overall growth of your plants, increasing their production.

The composting is basically natural breakdown of the organic ingredients of the goat’s manure into lose, dark and soil-like material that helps in enriching the soil of your land. In short, goat manure’s composting is a sort of recycling that occurs repeatedly in nature, drastically destroying the quantity of household waste. There are many ways to compost goat manure, try them and enjoy them way your plants will love it.


  • 1

    Visit your nearest goat farm, purchase goat manure and make an arrangement to have it delivered at your land.

  • 2

    Now make a large compost bin or arrange it from somewhere else.

  • 3

    Once the goat manure is delivered to you, shift it into the compost bin.

  • 4

    Now layer the goat manure with some other organic material like kitchen scraps, eggshells, tea bags, grass clippings, and dry leaves etc.

  • 5

    Now mix up all the ingredients, using a large shovel. Pour in some water and turn the manure pile from top to bottom, making sure that the ingredients are moist. It helps in decomposing the materials speedily.

  • 6

    Set this pile aside until decomposes well. Make sure that the pile receives proper sunlight. It can take few weeks or even month, depending on the size of the pile. Add water to the pile after every 3 to 5 days and stir well, from top to bottom.

  • 7

    Once the Composting of your Goat Manure completes successfully, use 10 to 12 lbs per 100 square feet of your field or garden in the fall after harvesting or pruning period. Otherwise, mix some manure with equal amount of soil and apply it to the specific land, using a garden tiller.

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