How to Treat Bloat in Goats

Goat owners will know the headache bloating can produce. It is a common disease in goats that causes great pain and discomfort in their abdomens. Bloating in its severe form can also prove to be life threatening. It is a serious condition and so needs immediate attention and treatment. Bloating is usually caused when the goat intakes too much grain than the normal. It can also be caused by overeating on new rich pastures. You need to know the symptoms well so that you can tell when your goat is suffering from bloating. During bloating, the left side of your goat will appear and feel very hard while the right side will be airy and soft. The goat will show signs of distress and prefer laying down to standing.The goat will also appear bigger in size tan normal to the eyes. If your goat is experiencing symptoms like these, you better hurry up with our step by step guide below.

Things Required:

– Baking soda
– Mineral oil
– C&D antitoxin
– Trocher


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    Baking soda and mineral oil:

    Add a couple of spoons of baking soda to a cup of mineral oil. Drain it down the goat's throat using a syringe without a needle. If you know how to tube  a goat, tube the mixture as it will a lot less messy.

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    C&D Antitoxin:

    This antitoxin will help ease the rumen of the goat and help him against the pain. It should be in your cabinet box all the time. Dissolve it in water and feed it to the goat. There are no harmful effects because even if the body does not need the toxin, it will pass it out in the urine.

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    Consult a veterinarian:

    Since bloating can turn into a life threatening situation for a goat, you should consult the closest veterinarian at the earliest if the above two solutions do not seem to wok. The pressure developed in the goat's abdomen can hamper the performance of the heart and lungs. Most veterinarians will release this pressure using an incision tool called  a trochar. Using the trochar, a cut is made at the back of the goat at  bottom of the ribs on the left side. This releases the pressure instantly.

    If you are unable to contact a veterinarian and have some experience with this  method, you can do the same on your own. if trochar is not available, you can use a sharp pointed knife. Bandage the goat once you are done.

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