Ways to Put Weight on Meat Goats

If you want to produce high quality meat, you need your goat to gain weight. This is considered to be one of the most important factors for high quality meat.

There is no doubt that genetics have a key role to play if you want your goat to gain weight effectively. However, ther eare certain proven measures which you need to take so that your goat can gain the amount of weight you want it to.

These measures include the likes of alternative diet, building muscle mass, health monitoring, etc.

Whatever the case may be, you need to learn how your goat can put on weight. Scroll down and learn through the step by step procedure about how exactly you can work on your goat so that its weight increases.


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    Feed well-balanced grain supplement to your meat goats

    While it is obvious that the diet of the meat goats needs to be increased, you cannot simply go ahead and start feeding anything to them. Instead, opt for a well-balanced grain supplement to feed to your goats. There is a grain ration that has been formulated to serve as an ideal source of essential nutrients, minerals and proteins for the meat goats. They improve growth rate, muscle development and impact the over-all body conditioning.

    feed well-balanced supplements to meat goat
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    Give meat goats a constant access to clean water and grass pasture

    Having a round-the-clock access to fresh, clean water as well as grass pasture is of great benefit to a meat goat. It not only contributes to an increase in their weight, but the enzymes found in grass pasture helps them with digestion, while also significantly reducing the risk of potential diet-related issues pertaining to health.

    fresh water and pasture
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    Take your meat goats for a walk on daily basis

    Take a stroll with your meat goats on daily basis. The benefits of exercising your meat goats on daily basis are well worth the trouble and effort required to do this everything. Taking them out for a walk will result in their body burning excessive fat and replacing it with muscle mass, which is found to weight more than fat. Additionally, exercise will increase their appetite and therefore cause them to eat more food. Either have someone help you to keep an eye on the goats during the walks, or choose an area where they can move around, but not stroll out of your sight.

    exercise your meat goats
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    Build leg muscles of meat goats by feeding them on an incline

    The leg muscles of meat goats can continue to develop even while they are eating. This can be done by placing the feed bucket just above their head height and placing a block of concrete of wood next to it, which the meat goat will have to step on in order to access the bucket. It is recommended to stay nearby while the goats are eating this way to ensure that they do not end up slipping and hurting themselves.

    feed meat goat on incline
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    Regularly check your meat goats for stomach worm infestations

    Continue to monitor your goats for stomach worm infestations, as these can reduce the ability of goats to gain weight drastically. Take a look at the insides of a goat’s eyelids regularly to ensure that the conjunctiva is bright pink. A pale pink or gray conjunctiva indicates significant amount of stomach worms. If your goat has a heavy load of stomach worms, have your vet do a definitive diagnosis of its faeces. Get the appropriate medication and treat your goat.

    monitor health of meat goat

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