How to Artificially Inseminate a Cow

The trend for artificial insemination of cattle is increasing day by day. Due to its simplicity and ease in the completion of procedure, more and more people are preferring artificial inseminations. It has not only eliminated most of the hurdles but is also cost effective and is pretty much alike the natural way.

In the process of artificial insemination, individuals collect the semen from a healthy bull. It is then preserved at a very low temperature and then inserted into a cow’s reproductive area with an aim of conceiving a calf. Unlike older days, artificial insemination has become more popular as it helps the individuals get rid of all the fatigue involved in the process. In addition, it is relatively a much faster procedure but requires expertise and skills to achieve your goal. This plays a major contribution in eliminating most of your costs. For example, if you needed to bring the bull from some other location, now you do not have to bear the cost and you can perform the same task through artificial insemination.


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    You should allow your bull to get close to a cow. Observe him closely and when he is about to ejaculate, you should get them separated and put his penis into an artificial vagina. An individual will find it hard to monitor and control the process; therefore you should seek help from a veterinary expert.

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    Note that there are ways to expand the semen, if you desire to inseminate the semen in more than one cow. Using egg yolk along with antibiotics in a definite proportion is an easy way to extend the semen. However, if you want to use the semen for just one cow, there is no need for that.

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    You must add glycerol to semen to get rid of all the water. In order to secure it for a longer time, you should keep the semen at -320 Fahrenheit.

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    You should confirm from a veterinary doctor whether your cow is ready to accept the semen or not.

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    Before inserting semen, you should wash and clean your cow. Do not forget to read the instructions mentioned on the packaging and clean vulva area of your cow very carefully.

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    Put on your gloves and gently enter the insemination rod into your cow’s reproductive area, making sure that you reach the uterus. Carefully release the semen and take out the rod when it is delivered.

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