How to Raise Beef Cattle on A Few Acres

Cattle farming are profitable businesses if run appropriately. Normally, it is thought that you require vast area for raising beef cattle but you can also start it up with just a few acres of land. You have to take good care of your cattle if you desire a good return.


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    It is better to choose out for the cattle breeds before you actually acquire them for your small farm. This will save up your time and money afterwards. You should go for the healthy cattle which are lean also. Fat cattle don’t gain meat weight as effectively as the lean ones do.

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    You can keep different breeds of cattle at your farm at the same time but make sure they are almost similar in size. This will save time and effort, ensuring you go for a single feeding programme for all cattle at a time.

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    Climate and the availability of water at your farm will affect the number of cattle you can raise. Bringing in more cattle with limited resources can be troublesome later on.

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    You have to make sure your acreage is not overcrowded with cattle, as it will put your animals under stress and have adverse effects on their health. It will subsequently result in poor weight gain and you have to spend a lot for arrange remedies to their sickness.

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    Your farm should be properly fenced so that your cattle don’t get lost or cause harm to others. Cattle owners are liable to the damage caused to others and a strong fence should prevent any such incident.

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    Cattle need to have proper shelter to avoid any harmful effects of harsh weather. Sickness doesn’t allow cattle to gain weight.

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    Examine your farm to make sure there are no poisonous plants to be eaten by your cattle.

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    It is better to add minerals and vitamins supplements to cattle feed for better growth and weight gain. You should consult with a vet to devise a diet plan for your cattle.

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    Keep observing your cattle regularly for health checks and looking for any signs of injury or sickness.

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    You have to take measures for preventing your cattle from parasite infection. Devise an effective programme to eliminate parasites from your farm. These infections cause significant weight loss in cattle.

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