How to Butcher a Goat at Home

There are numerous high-quality meat shops available in every town these days but at times your budget does not allow you to buy ready to cook meat because it is quite expensive. However, if you can butcher an animal at home, you can fill your freezer without having to spend too much. You will have to spend some money once if you have to buy an animal, but this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Whether you have raised a goat at home, or have purchased it, butchering a goat is much like butchering any other animal. It is not very difficult, but you have to take measures and precautions to make sure that it is done as efficiently as possible. You will have to be careful while using sharp objects like butchering knives and meat cleavers.


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    Have a strong grip on the goat before butchering

    Do not try to butcher a goat alone. You need at least two more people to help you, at least while slaughtering. Lay the goat down and ask your fellows to tightly hold the goat's limbs. You should hold the butchering knife very tightly with one hand, while the other hand can be used to hold the goat’s head. In order to restrict the goat’s movement, you can also use your knees.

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    Before you slaughter the goat, make sure that the knife you are going to use is extremely sharp. Otherwise, it may turn out to be a painful procedure for the goat.

    Begin the butchering process by removing the head of the goat. Once you feel that there is no life left in the goat, remove the skin with a sharp knife around the goat’s ankles and then in a straight line to the torso. It should be followed by a straight line up to the neckline. Removing the skin of the goat cleanly is one of the trickiest things.

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    Once the skin is removed, place the goat on a clean non-porous surface and start to chop it up. Remove both the shoulder joints and the front limbs of the goat, cutting the shoulder behind the shoulder blade. Cut the legs through a sharp blow at the knee joints.

    Meat can be chopped and cut in different ways, which basically depend on your own preferences.

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    Once you are done with the cutting of the meat, put different parts separately in a freezer and store them.

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