How to Get Your Own Dairy Goat Feed Mixed

If you are a goat owner, unsatisfied with the commercial goat feed mixes available in market, you can always take things in your own hands and get the feed mixed yourself. The commercial feed mixes may seem like the perfect ready made solution but might not be the appropriate one. All you need to know are the ingredients, their quantity and the procedure to make a goat feed. Knowing the source of your goat feed and its preparation method is going to make you a satisfied person. This way you can make sure that your goats are getting a diet that contributes to their health and growth. The other good thing is you can tailor your feed mix according to the individual needs of your goats.

Things Required:

– 170 lbs shelled cracked corn
– 170 lbs oats
– 80 lbs roasted soybeans
– 25 bag vita fern fare out (vitamin and mineral supplement)
– 3 lb vitamin E-20
– 1 lb Cattle Plus II (protein supplement)
– 1 lb selenium premix
– 10 lb magnesium sulfate
– 40 lbs liquid molasses
– 2 lb deccox 10X


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    You will come across a variety of versions while searching for a feed mix recipe. The one given above is a standard one and combines all the ingredients healthy goats need. You can feed to all goats of any age. It contains eighteen percent protein which is the standard serving. You can reduce the amount of protein by reducing the soybean meal and replacing it with corn. Take the above ingredients according to your particular measurement needs.

    You can decide the amount of the ingredients according to the requirements of your goats. Pregnant goats ask for more corn and lesser oats. Measure the amount of feed you need for each goat and multiple it with the number of goats you have. You can prepare feed for a month or a couple of months and store them away from the reach of goats. This will save you trips to the mill.

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    Find a mill:

    Now that you have collected the ingredients in the right measurement, find out a mill that is going to do the task for preparing the feed mix for you. The mill that you select must have hygienic conditions with clean tools, pest free environment and now sickening odours. If you are satisfied with the conditions, place an order for your feed mix. The mill is going to prepare the feed mix for you but you can decide your own recipe and ingredients. Also inquire from the mill if they can deliver the feed back to your place so that you do not have to come again.

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