How to Feed a Goat for Weight Gain

It is not a very common practice, but a lot of people do keep goats at home. Similarly, one can earn plenty of money by raising meat goats. Although, it is a rewarding experience, it brings many big challenges too.

A goat may get weak due to some disease. A very common problem observed particularly in meat goats is that they gradually lose weight. The main reason behind this is the lack of necessary nutrients in their diet.

If someone is interested in raising goats, he should be having a handy knowledge about the stuff the animal needs to eat. There is no rocket science involved though. With some preparation and understanding, even a new farmer can manage to raise healthy and fattened goats.

Raising goats can be far tougher than raising sheep or cattle. It is certainly a gruelling process that requires patience, dedication and great energy. Unlike cows and buffaloes, goats don’t sit at one place for a long time. They keep running around and as a result, burn great amount of calories.

Therefore, one have to be extra careful when finding the right balance of nutrients to keep them gaining weight. In the absence of a wise strategy, this process may get very challenging even for an experienced farmer.

Things Required:

– Field or Pasture
– Vitamins
– Minerals
– Oats or Corn
– Protein
– Water
– Feeding trough


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    First of all, feed the goats grass, It is one of the most inexpensive and natural way of filling them up. Eating grass, plants and bugs can help them put on weight. Make sure you feed them on daily basis in a field or pasture.

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    Corns and oats are also very important in this regard. Due to high carbohydrate content, grains are truly the easiest way to fatten up the goats. However, make sure your goat does not take more than one and a half pounds of grain per day.

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    To accelerate the weight gaining process, one must give the goat vitamins and minerals supplements. You may find special goat minerals and vitamins at the local feed store. Among the important minerals for goats are: phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, iron, calcium, and copper.

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    Protein feeding is another very important step. In case of less protein in a goat’s diet, the carbohydrates digests too quickly. As a result, the goats gain no weight.

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    Supplying good quantity of water is particularly important in order to avoid dehydration. This step becomes even more important in goats that are pregnant.

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