How to Give Goats Milk to Babies

Goat’s milk is nutritious choice when it comes to feeding your baby. You might not believe it, but research clearly shows that goat’s milk is more easily digestible and contains less lactose and allergenic proteins as compared to cow’s milk. In addition, it contains all the useful ingredients like tryptophan, calcium, vitamin B and D, phosphorus, protein, and potassium. You now have authentic reasons to comfortably switch your babies to goat’s milk. However, there is a proper procedure to give goat’s milk to babies as raw milk contains microorganisms and getting rid of them prior to feeding your kids is very essential.


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    Boil the Milk

    First of all boil the raw goat milk in order to make it free from all kind or microorganisms, particularly the disease causing pathogens. Pour the raw goat milk into a medium stainless boiling pot, using a strainer. Bring it high boil over medium heat and the let it simmer for 5 to 7 minutes, reducing the heat to medium-low level.

    Pasteurization of goat milk is another simple but very effective activity to make it free from all kinds of microorganisms. It takes more time then boiling process, but is considered very effective to reducing the chances of bacterial infections.

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    Remove the Pot

    Now, carefully remove the pot from heat and set aside on your kitchen counter top, leaving it until lightly warm.

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    Add Water

    Once the milk is lukewarm, add same quantity of warm water into it and stir well until both liquids mix up well. The addition of water reduces the strength of goat’s milk and eases its transition for your baby, especially if he or she is just beginning to consume goat milk. This reduces the strength and may ease the transition for your child to goats' milk.

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    Add Sugar – if you like

    If your baby prefers flavourful milk, add sugar into the lightly warm milk and stir until it dissolves completely. One teaspoon sugar is enough for medium and large baby bottle quantity; make sure not to exceed it.

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    Pour Milk into Baby Bottle

    Now pour the milk into a clean and dry baby bottle. Place the bottle’s lid at the top and seal it thoroughly. Shake it for 3 seconds and check the nipple to find out about the flow of milk.

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    Feed Your Baby

    Hold your baby in your lap and shove the bottle’s nipple into his/her mouth.  Handover if your baby can hold it   him/herself. Do not disturb and let your baby enjoy the goat milk.

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    Burp Your Baby

    Once you feed your baby with goat milk, bury him/her for few seconds as it helps in the proper digestion of milk.

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