How to Take Motorcycle Curves

Bike riding is said to be one of the most dangerous yet exhilarating things. However, it’s also one of the most exciting things to do  as well. The feeling one gets while riding on a two-wheeled automotive, with the wind against your body is a thrilling experience. You can take tight turns or just accelerate at maximum speed on the open road. In order to do all that, you need to develop the proper understanding as to how to do it carefully and without loosing control.


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    The first thing you need to do is to keep your motorcycle in line to take the turn. Your bike should be in a straight direction to take the turn, otherwise the tires might lose grip on the road causing you to slip eventually.

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    Look where you are heading while riding your motorcycle. Keep an eye out for obstacles around the road so that you can dodge them on your way. Make sure that you don’t ride over a bump, as it will cause you to lose your balance.

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    Set the position of your body on the motorcycle in such a manner that your weight helps in bending the direction of the bike while taking the curve. You can do this by shifting your weight towards the direction of the turn. Move yourself lightly towards the direction of the turn, whether left or right. Slow down a bit if it’s a tight turn. Make sure that you don’t shift your entire weight in one direction as it will cause you to unbalance.

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    Shift into lower gears so that you may slow down the speed of your motorcycle in order to take the turn.

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    Let go of the throttle before shifting your weight and when you reach the turn apply the brakes, calmly and firmly. Slow down your bike before you take the turn till an adequate speed, so that you may easily do it. Release the brake once you’ve reached your desire speed. Don’t slow it down too much or you’ll fall of your bike due to unbalance.

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    Counter steer into the turn using your one hand while pushing on the handle bar using the other to maintain the balance while taking the turn.

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    Just as you’re about to exit the turn begin to give throttle. Do this when you’ve passed the tightest part of the turn. Steer yourself out of the turn, shifting your weight back to the center as you straighten the direction of the motorcycle once again. Once your bike is back to its normal position you can accelerate the bike as you please.

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