How to Teach Baby a Sign Language

Parenthood is one of the most fascinating yet responsible duties of the world. At times, it can be increasingly difficult for a parent to understand the problems of a child as he/she is not able to communicate properly with the adults. Sometimes the parents do not get to understand the needs of a baby or the reason behind him/her crying, as the child is not able to convey the message. In order to solve this problem, which is faced by millions of parents around the world, the best way is to teach your baby a sign language, before he/she starts to utter words from his/her mouth.

In order to teach your baby a sign language, you need to give him/her daily lessons, which should be short but fun for the child. It is imperative for you to observe the body language of your baby, if you want to be successful in teaching him/her a sign language.


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    Right age, hand coordination and atmosphere

    The best age for a baby to learn a sign language is between 6 to 9 months. In order to help the child concentrate, it is ideal for you to teach him the sign language in a quiet and comfortable room. Speak your baby’s name frequently, so that he is completely focused. Hand coordination is extremely important as babies use their hands as a basic mean of communication.

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    Use of a book and toy

    Use a book with which the child is familiar and then form the sign of a book by joining your palms and opening them like a book. Do it multiple times so that the baby gets used to the sign language as it is a primary step.

    Repeat the same exercise with the favourite toy of your baby and make signs through your hands and fingers.

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    Eating sign

    When it is time to eat for your baby, join your fingers together and move them towards your mouth back and forth. That is how the baby will get to know eventually that it is a sign of eating. The same exercise should be repeated when the baby is about to have milk or water, by using drinking signs.

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    Sign books

    Baby sign language books are easily available in book shops. Purchase a couple of attractive books and go through them with your baby. You can also go online and visit different websites to understand sign languages in a more effective manner.

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