10 Tips for Talking to Your Teen About Divorce

Your teen needs to understand why some people get a divorce. Children have a difficult time sometimes understanding why a marriage failed or why some moms and dad aren’t married anymore. Here are ten tips for talking to your teen about divorce.

1. Explain to your teen some of the reasons such as money, abuse, alcoholic, is some of the reasons why people get divorced. Let your teen know that divorce is a difficult process for people who are married. Let them know that it hurts the husband and wife emotionally when they get divorced from each other.

2. Explain to your teen that some people get divorced from each other even though sometimes they don’t want to. Tell them that sometimes married couples who are have extreme problems think that is the best thing for them to get divorced. Let your teen know that some people who get divorced still love each other, but just can’t stay married to each other for whichever reasons it may be.

3. Tell your teen that just because a mom and dad gets divorced that they always love the kids no matter what. Your teen needs to know that a parent will always love the kids despite any issues that the parents might have with each other. It is a important for a teen to realize that a divorce is never their fault.

4. Teens need to know that divorce isn’t caused by anything that the kids may have did or said. Explain to your teen about how kids often feel guilty about parents getting married even though it isn’t their fault. You want the teen to realize that kids often a hard time dealing with divorces.

5. Explain to your teen that when a mom and dad gets divorced that the kids sometimes have to go court to talk to a judge. Tell the teen that the judge is there to help them decide which parent that they should live with during the school year and how long to visit the other parent during the summers and weekends.

6. Tell your teen that divorce isn’t always a bad thing. Explain to them why divorce is a serious matter. Tell them that someone shouldn’t rush to file for divorce over small problems in the marriage. You can explain to your teen that divorce is usually a last option when a married couple has tried everything else to save the marriage, but it failed.

7. Explain to your teen that some married couples cry during a divorce process. Tell your teen that divorce is a sad process to go through for some people. Let them know that some married couples often have doubts about whether or not they are making the correct decision to get a divorce.

8. Tell your teen that divorce can cost quite a bit of money, but each divorce case is different. Explain to your teen that some people don’t have much money left over after a divorce due to the legal costs. Tell your teen that it usually costs quite a bit of money since both the spouses usually each have a lawyer.

9. Your teen needs to know that sometimes during a divorce that the spouse sometimes argue with each other. Explain to your teen how sometimes spouses say things to the kids that aren’t true. Let them know that often it is just because they are upset or mad at each other.

10. Let your teen know that in a divorce that either the dad or mom moves out of the house usually to go live somewhere else. Tell them that sometimes they only get to take some of the stuff with them from the old house to the new place to live at. Tell your teen that the mom or dad sometimes doesn’t have as much money as they use to have since they aren’t married anymore.

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