How to Teach Montessori at Home

Learning to read and perform different tasks can be a difficult target to achieve by a child. Remember that teaching basic Montessori skills to kids and preschoolers leads in giving them independence. It also let them learn through their senses and train them practical life skills. Some kids will learn quickly while others may require some time. Teaching Montessori skills to toddlers in home can be done through simple guidelines. By doing this, your kid will easily cope with his classmates and teacher when he join the school.


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    Set up

    You need to place shelves in the play area which your kid can easily access. Then place containers in each shelf and label each with pictures or photographs on it. For toys, you can paste a picture of teddy bear or any other toy on that box. For books, you can place them in a way their front is visible. By this your toddler can easily identify which to pick when asked.

  • 2

    Make spaces in kitchen for your toddler

    You can create spaces in kitchen for your kids where they can work and get exposure. You can make low shelves for your child where they can place their cup, utensils, plates, jugs and snacks. In addition to this, you can create a counter for them in an open dishwater door. You can direct and help them in making their snacks.

  • 3

    Basic chores

    You can teach toddlers some basic chores like folding washed clothes or sorting dirty clothes. Remember that kids can also wipe tables, floors and clean their bathroom. You need to train your child cleaning skills and let them clean their play area after they play with their toys.

  • 4

    How to eat

    Teach your child how to pour gravy and small items like beans or rice from one dish to another. You need to teach them to pour without spilling anything.

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    Give limited choices

    You can give toddlers limited choices every day. If they want food, you can give them two choices of lunch. Similarly let them chose between two shirts or even two books.

  • 6

    Explore through senses

    You need to let the kids explore through their senses. You can get four jars and place one spice in two jars. Place other spices in the remaining two jars. Let your kid identify which jars have same spice by making them smell the spice.

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