How to Teach Your Child to Read

All parents want their children to learn reading as early as possible and for that purpose they employ different methods. Teaching a child is a rewarding experience for the parents but sometimes it becomes challenging as some children do not learn things quickly.

Sometimes, parents also fail to adopt the right methods to teach their children effectively. However, with the availability of the latest tools and techniques, it has become quite easy for the parents to teach their child to read. Find out the most effective ways that help parents teach reading to children without any problem.


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    First of all, you should read different books in front of your child who will start paying attention if you do this on a regular basis. This is the first step which will gradually get the attention of your child towards books.

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    Children usually pay more attention towards colourful things like toys and drawings. You should get colourful children books in order to get the attention of your child. However, you should start teaching your child when he or she becomes old enough, like 3 to 4 years of age, for understanding words.

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    You should teach the sounds of different letters to your child and employ interesting methods that could grab the interest of your child. Children usually learn the sounds of letters quickly and it helps them to start reading.

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    However, you need to be patient because your child is doing it for the first time. Everything is new for the child and you have to be patient and consistent in your efforts to teach him or her how to read.

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    You should always focus on teaching your child one letter at a time. Do not try to make your child learn multiple letters at the same time. It will make a mess of things and you will end up nowhere as your child will not be able to learn things systematically. One letter at a time will enable your child to master it.

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    Using pictures in order to teach your child can also help in making them learn how to read. Some children learn very fast by just hearing the sounds and some learn by watching pictures as well. You can employ both methods to make the learning process fast.

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    You can also employ different games that help in teaching letters to your child. These games maintain the interest of children and they learn reading fast.

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