Steps to Tenderize Goat Meat

Goat meat is extremely popular and is cherished across the world; this is the reason why it is also consumed worldwide in large quantity. Middle Eastern and Asian countries enjoy this type of meat the most.

Mostly, goat meat would ask for you to tenderize it before it is fully cooked. This is because of the low fat content which it has.

There are certain ways through which you can tenderize a piece of goat meat so that later you can fully preserve its natural taste and consume it at its best.

If you are looking for a step by step guide to help you tenderize goat meat then you are at the right place. Simply scroll down and follow the procedure in order to get positive results.

Things Required:

– Papaya
– Salt
– Tenderizing mallet
– Marinade
– Grinder


  • 1

    To make a more tender and flavourful goat meat dish, cook the meat at low temperature.

  • 2

    Goat meat works best for dishes that involve the use of water as opposed to dry cooking. You should either braise or stew goat meat in order to make it more tender.

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    Two of the most commonly used goat meat tenderizing techniques are to either use a tenderizing mallet to flatten a piece of goat meat or to use a sharp utility knife to score a piece of goat meat along the fibres. Both of these techniques break up the muscle fibres and as a result, one gets a more tender piece of goat meat.

  • 4

    A more natural way of tenderizing goat meat is to make use of papaya. With a sharp knife, peel of as much of the papaya skin as possible, slice the papaya into small cubes and the grind it using a grinder. For every 8 tbsp of ground papaya, add 1 tbsp of table salt.

    Properly mix salt into the ground papaya and apply the resulting paste onto the piece of goat meat you want to tenderize. Papaya enzymes break down connective tissues in the goat meat resulting in a more tender piece.

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    For adding artificial flavours as well as tenderizing goat meat simultaneously, consider marinating goat meat. You might as well have to inject a predefined quantity of marinade into goat meat for some recipes.

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