How to Time the Stock Market

Timing the stock market trends is very important especially if you are planning to invest your savings. Nevertheless, even if you are a broker, you must have accurate information about the stock market trends as it is vital for attracting potential investors. The bearish and bullish trends have been of considerable importance in the stock market as these represent both extremes. When the stock market is aggressive and share price is rising, it is said to be bullish. However, when the case is otherwise and the share price is falling, it is called a bearish market. An individual has to keep in mind several points to estimate the stock market trends as it is not easy as it appears.

Things Required:

– Copy of ‘Ebook of Technical Market Indicators’


  • 1

    Gain familiarity with basic concepts

    The most important thing is to gain familiarity with the basics of the stock market. This includes the jargon, vocabulary and concepts that are involved in day to day trading in the market. You should also go through the history of the stock exchange to analyse its evolution and examine the sudden shifts in the market.

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    Get ebook from Wallstreetcourier

    After you have gained familiarity with the basics, you must visit the Wallstreetcourier website and download a copy of ‘Ebook of Technical Market Indicators’. With the help of this book, it will be relatively easier for you to understand the reasons behind bullish and bearish market trends. This will also help you in estimating the future trends of the market, only if you learn these indicators very well. You must also learn about the factors that cause a change in share prices.

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    Note daily S&P's

    You should start jotting down the daily Standard and Poor 500 index. From this, you should also try to extract information like, how many organisations have entered the index and how many among them have reached various highs and lows.

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    Note historical trends

    You must also pay full attention to the historical trends that are promised by most investors. For example, a historical trend shows that the condition of stock market has been questionable from May to November since 1950.

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    Develop your own investment strategy

    Now, you should take into account all the factors that you have learned and form a long term investment strategy with these tips and suggestions.

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