How to Transport an Ice Fishing House

Transporting an ice fishing house is a daunting task but with right tools and equipment you can easily accomplish this job effectively. Usually ice fishing has broader meaning of catching fish. With the help of ice fishing house or ice hut, it will be very easy for you to catch fish. You can move this fish house to anywhere as its not heavy and a snowmobile, ATV or even a truck can easily drag a fish house to your required destination. You need to be very subtle doing this as this type of hut or house is portable.


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    Fasten two parallel boards

    This is very important that you need to fasten two parallel boards with measurements of 2 by 4 inches. The bottom of the shack will give you clearer idea as to how much extra space is needed when you will fasten the specific parallels with a specific distance. You also need skids or some runners who will help you move your ice house on the ice. It is also important to know that some ice houses come with wheels for easy moving.

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    Round end of runners

    Rounding the end of the runners is also a good idea as it will certainly help you drag the ice house on ice with ease. It will also help you to avoid the digging into the snow. You can always get professional help as well.

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    Backup for truck

    Having a backup for truck is also a good idea. After tilting the ice house, you slowly put through runners on the truck and try to construct the ice house on the trailer or truck.

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    Placing PVC piping on the trailer

    Placing PVC piping on the trailer is also a very good idea as it will help you move your ice fishing house. The PVC piping also will assist you rolling the ice fishing house into the right position.

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    Unloading ice fishing house

    Once you reach your destination, try to unload the house with great care. If you feel getting help from someone, you can always ask professional help from experts that know what they are doing or have done this type of thing before.

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