Travel from London to Cambridge

It does not take very long to travel from London to Cambridge, as it is located only about 50 miles (80 km) due north of London. Cambridge is not only the site for the esteemed University of Cambridge (a well known institute all over the world), but it yields dominance in areas of technology and bio-science. This is why students, professionals and tourists are seen frequenting this city. Moreover, its closeness to London makes it even more of a favorite spot for Londoners to visit it.

If you are planning a visit and want to know how to travel from London to Cambridge you must know that there are several ways through which you can do that. You can opt for a rented car, bus, train or travel the city by air.


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    Travel by Car

    Cambridge is located about 50 miles due northeast of London. It takes around no more than 1 hour and 45 minutes via the M11 Motorway. The estimated fuel from London to Cambridge will cost you around £12. Since all the routes outside London start from Westminster, so that is your main starting point. Once you reach Westminster, get to the toll zone. Driving through Parliament Square, Broad Sanctuary, Great George St, Bridge St and finally Minories following A302, you will reach the toll zone. It is compulsory that original insurance registration certificate, a valid driver’s license and rental agreement in case of a rented car should be carried along. Keep a map with you to have all the information about different facilities on your way, in case you need rest or stop for a meal.

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    Travel by Bus

    Traveling via bus will get you to Cambridge from London in about 2 hours. From Victoria Coach Station in London, there are regular bus services to Cambridge with a fare cost of about £17.50. Your first task is to get the ticket reservation done. The reservations can be made online and through the nearest travel agency. They can also be made over the phone by dialing the U.A.N of your desired bus service. You should remember to reach the bus station half an hour before the departure time.

    National Express Shuttle: National Express Shuttle, on an average, takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to reach Cambridge City Centre Coach Stop after leaving Main Coach Stop from London.

    Greenline, National Express Airport: This is another operator of bus services that commutes on this route.  Since it doesn't usually take direct routes to get to the destination, the average time Greenline, Nation Express Airport takes to get to Cambridge is 3 hours 10 minutes.

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    Travel by Train

    Traveling from London via train towards Cambridge is probably the cheapest and the fastest way. After almost every half an hour, fast trains leave from London King's Cross for Cambridge Station. It takes around a journey of 45 minutes in total and costs £29.00 for a round trip from London to Cambridge. The ticket reservation can be made online on the website of either of the two major rail carriers. You can make your reservation by calling Rail Europe. Besides, there are several travel agencies in London through which you can make reservations.

    First Capital Connect: This operator runs around 7 trains on the route of London (Main Rail Stations) to Cambridge Rail Station, and they reach within 1 hour 15 minutes on average.

    Greater Angelia: Greater Angelia also takes roughly similar time to get to one destination from the other, taking about 1 hours and 10 minutes.

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    Travel by Air

    You can avail two options to travel by air from London to Cambridge. Either, you can fly by Standard British Airways or if you have a limited travel budget, fly by local budget airline service. The flight time is only 8 minutes with fare charges around £31. Buy tickets directly from the Airport. Besides, ticket can also be bought from the nearest travel agency or visiting the chosen airline online. After you get the security and documentation clearance, follow the signs in the airport lobby leading to the gate number mentioned on your boarding card.

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