How to Travel from London to Lincoln

Lincoln is a small district in the Northern side of London and located about 130 miles away from it. According to the Census in 2001, its population was 85,595 only but it covers about 13.88 square miles. Because of its small distance from the Central London, it can be reached easily by different modes of transport such as bus, car or train. However, since there is not any airport in Lincoln, you cannot fly directly to it from London. Still, this 130 miles distance can be covered within three and half hours by any means of transport, bus service being the best option because it takes about 2 hours and 56 minutes only.


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    By Car

    No doubt, car is the most convenient way to travel for this journey, because you may decide to take some rest anywhere, anytime during your trip. Technically, depending upon your mode and requirement, you can select from three available routes. However, it is always considered to be the better idea by most people to use the smallest route, which is by using A1 (M) and A15. Still, it can take you about three hours to cover these 137 miles from the central region of London to the Lincoln. Just head towards north and take A1 (M) and continue driving until you see junction 17. From this exit onto Fletton Pkwy/A1139 towards Wisbech, take an exit from roundabout to move onto Paston A15. Once, you are on the A15, you need to continue driving until you reach Saint Catherins, from where, you will have to take left turn onto Canwick Road. And, now you have to take another left turn onto Clasketgate/B 1308, you are in Lincoln.

    Click to view the Detailed Driving Directions from London to Lincoln.

    If you do not have a car, you need to hire it from the leasing companies. Check out some leasing companies given below:

    Car Leasing Made Simple
    The Crown Group Worldwide Ltd
    Autopoint Cars Ltd

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    By Bus

    Due to some reason, if you are not comfortable with car, you can select bus as your vehicle. You can take a bus from the Victoria Coach Station in London. However, you must book a place in bus first before making your trip. Just book a place by making a personal visit between 7:00 am till 10:00 pm but you can also select online booking. However, you should also keep departure time in mind because the buses leave at different times on different days. But the accumulative time to reach to Lincoln Central bus station is about 3 hours approximately.

    Once you take bus, there are four routes that can take you to the main bus station in Lincoln. However, you should have some refreshment along with you because it can take you almost three hours to reach Lincoln bus station. For further help, you can visit the links given below.

    Visit Transport Direct Website

    Visit National Express Website

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    By Train

    Train can also be a useful mean to travel from London to Lincoln. You can take train from any railway station anytime of the day to travel to the Lincoln central rail station. However, remember if you select train from the inside location of the London, it may take some extra to come out of London and start its journey towards Lincoln. So, if you use Hadley Wood rail station, it may take you to your destination in lesser time. Accumulatively, it takes about three hours and 25 minutes. Train leaves the station at different hours of the day. You can book your ticket by making an in-person visit to the station or via online. For Online booking visit the link given below.

    Visit National Rail Website.

    Remember the fares depend on your time of journey, number of passengers and seats reserved.

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