How to Travel from London to Newry

Newry is a city of Ireland that is located in the northern side of the United Kingdom. Newry is one of the oldest cities in the world, as it was founded back in 1144. Later on this town emerged as one of the top destinations for trading, as it has a port. Therefore, people interested in trading used to come here not only from various parts of Ireland but also from England. Even today several people in London use this port for trading and often visit Newry. The common means used by commuters to get to Newry includes car, bus and indirect flights. Since there are no rail tracks between London and Newry therefore, so no train can lead you there. However, travellers can find indirect flights from Belfast International Airport which is located 33 miles away from Newry, where travellers can hire or rent a car to get there.


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    By Car

    There are three routes to reach Newry by car from London. However, there is not much time difference between them. The best option among these routes is M1 that will take about 8 hours and 32 minutes to reach Newry, through this course travellers have to cover a distance of 400 miles. However, from M6 and M1, commuters will have to cover 423 miles and it will take 8 hours and 39 minutes to finish the journey. On the other hand, third course A5 requires 8 hours and 40 minutes long duration along with a travelling distance of 408 miles. For further guidance please follow Driving Directions from London to Newry

    Apart from private car, travellers have another option to reach Newry and that is by getting a car on rent. This service is widely available throughout London.

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    By Bus

    National Express bus operators offer travelling services to Newry as well. The journey by bus will take more than 12 hours to reach Newry from London and the price of the tickets usually varies. However, it is recommended that commuters should consult the relative authorities to know the exact travel time and fares. The seats or tickets can either be reserved from the coach station or through online website facility.

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