List of Bike Hire Shops in London

There are number of transportation modes that can be used within a crowded city such as London but when it really comes to picking up most efficient and greener ride then there is none better than bicycles. Cycling is one of the best ways to get around in London as it has many advantages as compared to using cars in London. In central London during peak hours one can cover 4 miles of distance in 20 minutes using bicycles whereas by car it can take up to 40 minutes to cover the same amount of distance. Another best thing about cycling is that it provides greater health benefits such as less exposure to air pollution and prevention against heart diseases. So if you are really looking for a healthier and greener London then start using the bicycles, you can buy a bike by yourself or you can use tremendous range of bike hire services located in London. Following is the step by step list of bike hire services in London.


  • 1

    The London Bicycle Tour Company

    The London Bicycle Tour Company offers range of services including arranging bike tours to hiring services. You can hire a bike from them on hourly, daily or weekly basis. They have range of bikes to offer including traditional, hybrid, kid bikes, ladies bikes, touring bikes, city sports and many more.

  • 2

    Cloud 9 Cycles

    Cloud 9 Cycles is another big company which is specialized in bike selling and hiring services. They offer rentals on many types of bikes including Dutch style bikes and fixies.

  • 3

    Action Bikes

    Action Bikes is a very big shop specialized in providing all types of bikes and accessories. They also offer bike hire service on daily, weekly and monthly basis, while offering free of cost optional accessories with bike hire.

  • 4

    Southbank Cycles

    Southbank Cycles offer bike hire and repair services at a reasonable price and they are located in Wandsworth town. Their stock include cycling accessories, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, folding bikes, trek mountain bikes and London bikes

  • 5

    City Bike Services

    City Bike Services is an all-around company that offers sale/purchase services and also motorcycle and bicycle hire services. They offer range of bicycle types for hiring including folding, hybrid, Trek and Claude Butler Levante cycles.

  • 6

    Chelsea Bikes

    Chelsea Bikes is a cycle hire and sell company which also buy used and new bicycles. This shop also offers pickup and drop off services for bicycles along with hiring facilities extended to few months.

  • 7

    Bike Works

    Bike Works is an enterprise which is specialized in providing hire, sale and purchase services. They also arrange long distance bike tours and rallies and they are located at a prime location in London near to new Olympics stadium.

  • 8

    Discount Bicycles Limited

    Discount Bicycles Limited is cycles hire and repair ltd company located in southeast London. They offer a range of bicycles for adults and kids available on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • 9

    Foffa Bikes

    Foffa bikes is bike hire company that was established in 2007 by Dani Foffa and since then the company has earned its name in single speed and fixed gear bicycles services including sale/purchase, repair and hire.

  • 10

    Velorution Bikes

    Velorution Bikes offers services in bike hire, sale and purchase and repairs. Their hire range includes Brompton, Strida, Moulton and Strida bikes.

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