How to Travel from London to St Albans

St Albans is located just 22 miles away from central London in Hertfordshire. Like most other towns of the British Capital, St Albans also has a long history to share. The major attraction of this town is its historic market, because of which it was the most adored community in the commuter belt of Great Britain’s capital. The distance of St Albans from London is not far therefore; the property value in this town is quite high. For the same reason travel by air is not an option to directly reach this town. Other means of approaching St Albans include car, train and bus.


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    By Car

    Since St Albans is located not too far from the British capital therefore, it wouldn’t take much time to reach this part of United Kingdom. There are three best routes to get to this destination and the time difference between each of them does not vary a lot. Still the fastest route to approach St Albans via car is M1, as it takes 43 minutes to cover a distance of 25.2 miles. Second best route is A1(M), this course take two minutes more (45 minutes) than M1, as travellers have to cover 0.5 miles (25.7 miles) further on this course. Third option A1 and M1 takes 46 minutes to arrive at St Albans after covering 25.7 miles. For the Driving Directions from London to St Albans see the map for further assistance.

    Due to some reason if you can't mange to travel by your own car, than there is another option for hiring a car through car rental agencies.

    Hertz London Victoria
    A1 Holloway

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    By Bus

    Bus on the other hand takes nearly 1 hour 51 minutes to 3 hours to reach St Albans from London, depending upon the stopovers it make during the journey. National Express is one of the major bus operators on this route. The fastest bus service of National Express can get you to St Albans in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The fares of this service are almost same, but it may vary depending upon your plan of journey, so verify before making a reservation. To a book a seat view the online websites of bus services to St Albans.

    Visit Transport Direct Website

    Visit National Express Website

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    By Train

    First Capital Connect is the major train operator towards St Albans from London. This train operator has several train schedules towards St Albans, but the fastest among them reaches from London in approximately 30 to 20 minutes depends on how many stops it’ll make. Moreover, First Capital Connect also offers its commuter cheap fares that starts from 10.60 Pound. However, the fares may vary therefore consult First Capital Connect before reserving a seat to St Albans. For seat reservations and fares details see the online websites or you can also get the tickets from the station.

    Visit National Rail Enquiries Website

    Visit Transport Direct Website

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