How to Treat a Back Spasm at Home

Back pain or strain is never easy to deal with and normally takes a long time to heal. However, back spasms are different than normal back pain, as they occur due to stress or a torn muscle, which leads to inflammation. Nerves, which connect the back muscles, get stimulated because of the inflammation and the muscles contract or tighten as a result.

In emergency rooms of hospitals all around the world, we witness a number of people complaining about back spasms. However, if you are smart enough, you can treat a back spasm at home.


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    Ice pack

    In order to limit swelling and blood flow, you can use an ice pack. If you are feeling a lot of pain, chances are high that it will be due to swelling or increased flow of blood. By using an ice pack on the back for at least five minutes, you can significantly reduce the pain.

    If you do not feel relieved, try putting the ice pack on the surrounding muscles.

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    While having a back spasm, it is highly recommended that you take complete rest for at least two to three days. Resting will definitely aid the healing process. However, in order to keep the other muscles in use, you can walk around for a minute every now and then. You must not pick up any weight while having a back spasm.

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    Elevate your legs

    By elevating legs, one can take the pressure off the back muscles. While you are lying on bed, you can place a couple of cushions underneath the lower half of your legs to elevate them. You can also lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet placed on a chair.

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    A number of back spasm patients are able to get rid of the pain using anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen or ibuprofen. You can also go for additional medication if recommended by your physician or pharmacist.

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    Stretching the muscles

    With extreme care, you can try some leg and back stretching exercises and see if the situation improves. However, you need to stretch your muscles gently because a jerk can easily hamper the injury. If you feel relieved, go ahead with the stretching process. Minor back spasms can be treated through some efficient stretching at home.

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    If you have high concentration skills, go for meditation and see if you are able to treat the back spasm by distracting your mind and relaxing your body. Reading an interesting book can also have a good effect.

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