Rowing for Pleasure and Physical Fitness

Rowing has always been more of an enjoyable sport than done for just exercise and physical fitness. But a terrific machine was invented to simulate rowing including all that great forward, backward and pulling the boat motions. And today, new designs in this equipment make finding the best rowing equipment for you truly a fun prospect.

Machines that row used to be found mainly in gyms. But today, they are often found in homes..even celebrity homes such as Steven Spielberg. More and more people are finding that even if they never were in a row boat, the physical back and forth movement is simple to do and is a great way to get in shape-building muscle, keeping up an aerobic level, and burning calories. And the new equipment designed today is truly an enjoyment to use. There are several designs and styles available including water resistance flywheels, air fan flywheels and glider designs. Which one is best really depends on your personal preference. You can begin by reading a review of one that moves with water resistance or air resistance, and then check them out to see how you will feel using the machine. Sit and move the machine back and forth, and see which feels most comfortable to you. Many people do find the smooth feel of the water resistance the best for them. There is a gentle splashing sound that can be soothing, yet the workout can be as intense and motivating as you’d like it. This water resistance type rowing machine has a sliding seat with support in four corners which eliminates wobble. The smooth forward and backward motion is described as a ride on a lake. In fact, using the water resistance type rowing equipment engages you in more than just a physical manner because is actually encourages you to continue your stroke forward and backward.

When you are looking for the best machine for you, you should consider the following pointers:
�¯�¿�½ Make sure the machine is sturdy and remains steady and solid on the floor
�¯�¿�½ Check for adjustable foot pads and a comfortable seat. When you move back and forth the only thing that should be touching are your hands, feet and backside.
�¯�¿�½ Make sure you have enough space at home for the equipment. Some do fold up for easy storage
Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½ Don’t buy an old machine, they tend to be creaky.

Rowing has always been known to give an excellent aerobic workout. The rowing machine works your arms, back and upper body, and you can also concentrate on your abs as you make your movements. The aerobic workout can be as difficult as you want it to be. It’s considered by fitness experts to be one of the highest caloric burning activities you can do on exercise equipment, burning over 840 calories per hour for a 155 pound frame. And, anyone can do it, from young to great grandparents. Simply pull a handle forward with your arms, then slide the seat back by pushing with your legs.

One of the underestimated benefits of this machine is stress reduction. In all other physical exercise apparatus, you are usually worried about your numbers on the information panel. But with a row machine you are lulled into the movement or your forward and backward stroke, and you feel like you’re really gliding across water.

So take out a boat-in your own home, and you may find yourself developing a more powerful and more relaxed you.

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