How to Treat Ocular Migraines

Nothing can be more annoying and irritating than Ocular Migraines. It doesn’t involve any severe headache like traditional Migraines, but can affect one or both of your eyes. As a result, you would be unable to focus due to the blurry vision, blazing lights, temporary blindness, and other visual disturbances. Moreover, Ocular Migraine is really difficult to diagnose. The best you can do is, go through the simple procedures to Prevent Ocular Migraines in any case. Unfortunately, if you suffer from it, then it is better to consider the mentioned ideas to treat Ocular Migraines properly.


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    Breathing Exercise

    Sudden Ocular Migraines can be due to work load or stress. So sit back properly and try to relax your mind. All you have to do is – close your eyes, inhale (take in) oxygen through nose, hold it for 20 seconds and then exhale (take out) it very gently through mouth. Repeat it 3 to 5 times.

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    Go to a Peaceful Environment

    Now go to a peaceful and calm environment, like your bed room, and close the door. Turn off all sources of entertainment, noise and lighting. Lie down on your bed, cover your eyes with hands, towel or pillow and try to relax. Continue resting or much better if you sleep until you get rid of the visual disturbances by the Ocular Migraines.

    In case if you are driving - pull your car over to the safe side of the road, lower your seat to comfortable position, close your eyes and calm down for some time.

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    Take Medicines

    If you have an unbearable Ocular Migraines, take a painkiller like ibuprofen, aspirin or any other one prescribed by the doctor.

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    Try Coffee or Tea

    Caffeine helps in curing Ocular Migraines. Drink small or half cup of coffee or tea during the day.

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    Head Massage

    Stress and hypertension are two of the major causes of Ocular Migraines. And proper head massage is an ultimate solution to lighten up your mind. So Give Yourself a Head Massage to relieve stress and hypertension.

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    Try Home Remedies

    Last but not the least; home remedies are best possible solutions to Treat Ocular Migraines, without any side effects. Given below are some of the useful home remedies for Ocular Migraines:

    - Chamomile Tea – one cup, once a day
    - Basil Tea – one cup, once a day
    - Lavender Essential Oil – inhale small quantity or massage your head and neck with it

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