How to Treat Peptic Ulcer

A stomach ulcer is a chronic disease, prone to relapse. It is a disease characterized by the formation of ulcers in the mucosa of the stomach. The causes may be genetic factors, especially the nervous system which can decrease the immunity due to drugs and other bad habits.

Stomach ulcer gives a lot of suffering to the patient. A person experiences a terrible pain in the stomach and starts thinking about liquid diet. But fasting brings no less a problem. However, with proper nutrition can prevent stomach pain and accelerate the healing of ulcers.


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    Peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer in most cases, has a chronic relapsing course. Obligatory condition of treatment of gastric ulcer is dieting. Diet food helps reduce the appearance of the disease and to accelerate the healing process. The purpose of clinical nutrition with gastric ulcer is a decrease in the production of gastric juice, reduced gastric motility and mucosal protection from damage and the formation of new ulcers.

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    Peptic ulcer disease is a chronic disease that develops as a result of destruction of the mucous membranes of the stomach or intestine. In this case, the downstream layers of the wall exposed body and form an ulcer which is accompanied by a sharp, gnawing, constant or burning pain. Patient often complain about nausea or vomiting, and sometimes heartburn half an hour after a meal. The main danger of ulcers is its potential to rupture. To ease the pain of ulcer must extend remission, and prevent relapse.

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    Treatment of the disease in the first place should be based on the removal of the causes and progression: smoking, stress effects, alcohol and drugs with ulcerogenic side effects. Treatment of ulcers should be aimed at the normalization of gastric motility, decreased aggressive duodenal and gastric contents, and increase the protective properties of the stomach.

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    A form of peptic ulcer includes antiulcer therapy to eliminate the clinical symptoms and to accelerate the healing of ulcers. Then step recovery needs some other preventive measures. In complicated form, the disease may require a surgical treatment.

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    All treatments are divided into non-pharmacological and pharmacological which may require diet and physiotherapy. The most effective treatments are thermal: mud and paraffin baths, hot compress, poultice. Heat relieves spasms of smooth muscles, improves blood circulation and normalizes motility. This helps to eliminate pain, healing of the ulcer.

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