How to Understand Psychological Rigidity and Emotional Ambivalence

There are a large number of psychiatrists or psychologists who always keep working hard to enhance their knowledge and expertise in their specific areas of specialisation. For that purpose, many psychologists try to meet people who are psychologically rigid and emotionally ambivalent. Understanding the psychological rigidity and emotional ambivalence is not that simple as you need to have a greater level of understanding and powerful observation. In order to learn how to understand psychological rigidity and emotional ambivalence, you can take guidance from this article which will let you know how to get positive results.


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    First of all, you should have complete information about the symptoms of psychological rigidity and emotional ambivalence which will help you to understand it in a better way.

  • 2

    Find people who are emotionally ambivalent and psychological rigid. Try to observe them closely which will help you to understand whether they are the right persons you have been looking for.

  • 3

    After finding someone who is emotionally ambivalent and psychologically rigid, you should make an eye contact with him as it will keep him intact and he will not run away.

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    You have to be friendly with a person who is psychologically rigid and emotionally ambivalent because it is the best way to understand him in a desired manner.

  • 5

    Make sure you keep supporting him in any circumstances because you need to win him trust which will help you understand him in an effective way.

  • 6

    Try to hang around with him like going to fun places including cinemas and parks which will also help him to loosen his muscles and become a little tender in order to enjoy these places.

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    However, make sure you do not gossip about his secrets if your get them. Many people with emotional ambivalence and psychological rigidity do not disclose their personal things. However, if someone does, you need to keep it to yourself and ensure him that you are his friend.

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    Do not forget to take pictures of him in different moods which will help you to study him in-depth as it can help you out to draw some solid points.

  • 9

    Always let him close the door when you are done with meeting because he needs to learn manners and it will work in this regard.

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