How to Update a Nonprofit Agency\’s Agenda

Nonprofit organizations in the US are recognized by various names in other countries. They generally have a set criteria for their work within the agenda of the organization. This agenda, sometimes also referred as charter of organization, can be changed, but a certain procedure has to be adopted for this. For example, all members on the board of the organization have to be informed about the planned change, they should discuss it at the time of meeting and then either give a nod to a change in it or else reject the proposed changes.


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    You should plan in advance if want to change agenda of the organization. Since you know the reasons behind the required change, you should assess their implications as well. A change in the agenda just for the sake of change might not get approval of the members of board. So carefully plan why you want to change the agenda.

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    After you have decided about a change in the agenda of the organization, you should inform all members of the organization, especially the executive committee well in advance. All the members have to be convened and allowed to discuss the proposed changes in the agenda. They can then approve the changes or reject them.

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    Make sure that the changes you are planning to bring forward should be within the cause of the organization that it serves. Any change beyond the limits of the organization might also affect your registration with the local welfare or social department. So make sure all changes are within the defined objectives and goals.

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    Be prepared to answer all reservations of the board members at the meeting. You might be asked several questions why you want to introduce the change in the agenda of the organization, and you should satisfy all the queries before being able to seek their approval. A complete understanding of the circumstances that are compelling you to seek the change should serve your goal.

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    After the changes have been introduced and approved, inform all the relevant agencies and all members including volunteers of the organization in written. It is better that you inform the members why this change was necessary and how it is going to have a positive impact on working of the organization and how it can better serve the community.

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