How to Use a Computerized Telescope

Exploring the space is a dream which most kids have. To fly out in the skies and get to those shiny stars is just like a dream for children. Of course it is not possible to fulfil such childish dreams but a powerful telescope can take you to a ride through the outer space. Modern day telescopes have a built-in computer and it let you perform a number of different functions in limited time. A computerised telescope will allow you to move from one celestial object in space to the other one very quickly.


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    The location of your telescope is extremely vital. You have to select a clear spot, free from any street lights, buildings or any trees. Remember that your computerised telescope will need some space for you to move freely.

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    It is better to take the telescope outside your home for a clearer view. Make sure to move out the telescope a bit earlier than you want to use it, since its lens might need some time to adjust to the outside temperature change.

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    Modern day telescopes come along with two eye pieces, one is 9mm while the other is 25mm. The bigger the number of eyepiece is, the wider field it will present to you for viewing. You will have to place the eyepiece into the holder at the narrow end of the telescope.

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    Many telescopes consist of a bubble level which allows you to position it perfectly horizontal at the base. Make sure the base of your telescope is not tilted at all and is perfectly levelled.

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    Once you turn on the telescope, the computer will take its time to get the initial starting procedure. Make sure you enter the correct date and time if asked by the telescope computer.

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    You will further need to input the location of the telescope during the start up procedure. Normally, will see a drop-down menu of the names of different cities or you can also enter the longitude and latitude or even the GPS coordinates of your telescope’s current location. Remember that more precisely you enter the location of the telescope, more accurately the telescope computer will operate.

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    Next you will be required to select two stars to align the telescope and you can simply choose them from the list of guide stars present in the computer.

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    Since some stars are seasonal and are not visible at all times of the year, you might use different guide stars at different times.

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    You have to use the hand controller to bring the first guide star in the centre of the view field and then select that particular star from the guide star menu. The same procedure is to be repeated for the second guide star. Once both guide stars are determined and the telescope is aligned, it is ready for use.

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