How to Use Adhesive Plate Hangers

Adhesive plate hanger is a simple, secure and effortless  thing to put your heirlooms and display figurines on view. These  hangers are available in various shapes, designs, colours and sizes. They are attached to the back of the bowls or plates with the help of a clean and smooth adhesive base. You can also attach them to your wooden decorative items or furniture.

Adhesive plate hangers are nice substitutes for the traditional plate wires and hangers. They do not contain hooks or plates. Therefore, they do not chip or scratch your delicate and expensive items.

Adhesive plate hangers give an enduring adhesion of amazing strength to the glazed or unglazed surface of the materials or walls. Their fixing will not harden, age or depreciate at all with the passage of time. Moreover, these hangers remain unaffected by any usual household extremes of humidity or temperature. The use of adhesive plate hanger is simple than you think. It is few minutes’ activity that would be fun.


  • 1

    Clean the Surface of Adhesive Plate Hangers

    Use placidly abrasive cleaner to wash the surface of the adhesive plate hangers, even if they are new.  It is very important as the contaminated surface of the hangers may slow down the adhesion.

  • 2

    Wipe the Hangers Dry

    Once you wash the plate hangers, set them aside to air dry or use a clean wash cloth, towel or kitchen towel to wipe them well.

  • 3

    Wet the Adhesive Base

    Use an eye-dropper to pour one to two water drops into the adhesive sides of the hangers’ discs. Now gently agitate the base with your finger tip or finger pad in circular motion in order to activate the applied adhesive/glue. Continue agitating until the glue/adhesive is sticky.

  • 4

    Set the Discs

    Set the sticky sides of the discs to the back of the hanger plates. Make sure that the discs’ hooks are installed in the right position for the plates’ designs.

  • 5

    Leave the Discs to Dry

    Use your thumb pad to press down the discs firmly. Leave them to dry for few hours or overnight.

  • 6

    Check the Strength of Adhesion

    Prior to hanging the items to the hangers, meticulously test their potency of adhesion to make sure that they are thoroughly installed.

  • 7


    Hang up your plates or other decoration items on the Adhesive Plate Hangers and enjoy your accomplishment.

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