How to Use Ambient Lighting in a Nursery

Nursery serves as the initial resting and playing place for a newborn and lighting inside it is a vital feature. Most children are afraid of darkness and ample lighting inside the nursery makes your child feel more comfortable. The nursery will require different sort of lighting in the initial one year of your child. You need to arrange for adequate lighting levels within the nursery so that your newborn can have a healthy sleep routine. Ambient lighting is amongst various other arrangements being made for the nurseries but it is the most effective one as well.


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    You have a wide variety of lighting arrangements, including miniature chandeliers, hanging lamps, wall lamps, children’s ceiling fans with lights and recessed ceiling lights. However, ambient lighting brightens the entire room, rather than focusing on a certain portion.

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    Ambient lighting has further options for installation, track and recessed. In the track lighting, the bulb is easily visible, whether turned on or off, whilst in the recessed arrangement, the bulb is well hidden until being illuminated. For your child’s nursery, it is recommended to go for a recessed ambient lighting so it may not cause discomfort to his/her eyes.

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    You have to go through the nursery floor plan for properly placing the light. It is better to place area lighting near the changing table, as this will be helpful while changing diapers and clothing late at nights. However, you should place soft lighting near the rocking chair for your child’s feeding and snuggling late at nights.

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    You should be absolutely sure that the main power source is turned off before you start performing any electric wiring work for placing the ambient lighting. You must be aware of the hazards which might occur due to your negligence!

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    You will find all the required accessories for installing the ambient lights from your local hardware store and the instructions provided on the box shall guide you how to mount it.

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    Insert the electric cable into the junction box and affix it in its place with a cable clamp. Strip and splice the wires to connect to the power supply and make sure to match the colour codes of the wires. Wrongly connected wires will result in immediate short circuit. Wrap up electric tape over the joints afterwards.

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