How to Use an Online College Library

Library is a place where books and other materials are kept in an organized manner. The collection of library ranges from books encyclopedias, newspapers to CDs, DVDs and e-books.

With the introduction of technology in libraries, one can access it from their home. You can know which books your college library is offering and whether they have the book you are looking for. You can also hold your desire book by clicking or calling the library after checking their availability online.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Internet access


  • 1

    Seek the library link from college’s website

    First of all you must visit the online library which your college offers. Go to the official website of your college and find the link of your library. In most college websites, library link is often place on the home page. However, if you can’t find then go to ‘Academics’ on your college website and you will see a link to library.

    In case you still fail to find the online library link then you click in the search box and jolt down online library. Press enter and you will see link which will re-direct you to the online college library.

  • 2

    Library’s catalogue

    After opening your college’s library page, you need to open its catalogue. You should be able to easily access this catalogue. However, in some online college libraries, you may be required to login. You should have a user ID and password in order to access the catalogue.

    Even if you are not a student or faculty member in the college then you can always become a guest borrower. Simply register and pay an annual fee to avail its services.

    Remember to take your user name and password from the college in order to avail services offered by the college library.

  • 3

    Search the book

    You have to search the book you are looking for by its title or author. You can also do subject search.

    Keywords searching are also permitting but it should be your last priority as it is not specific.

  • 4

    Get information of the book

    After finding your desire book, click on the title to get information of its call number, exact place and weather it is available or not.

  • 5

    Place the book on hold

    After getting its information, you can place the book on hold by simply clicking the option in the website. You can also call the librarian and ask him or her to hold the book.

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