How to Use Aspirin to Heal a Pimple

Usually at age of puberty, almost everyone have experienced the painful and embarrassing moment of pimples. Acne can be a frustrating problem among almost any age group. In addition to this, when you buy soaps, creams and treatments for it, Acne becomes expensive as well.

If you suffer from pimples or redness which occurs after it heals then Aspirin can come handy. The medicine won’t be used for headaches in this treatment but is a vital component of getting rid of acne or its scarring.

You simply need to put aspirin on you pimple and it will reduce its size and/or redness.


– Uncoated aspirin tablets


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    Place aspirin tablet in water

    First of all you need to put an aspirin tablet into water.Remember to use two-three portion of water to one part aspirin.

    Note that you don’t need to crush the aspirin tablet as it will automatically dissolve in water.

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    Make the paste

    Put the portion of aspirin and water in a small bowl and then mix it in order to make a thick paste. Use only few drops of water to make a thick aspirin paste.

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    Apply the paste

    Put the mixture on to your pimple or pimples. You can use your finger or a clean Q-tip to apply the paste.

    Remember to use an aftershave or alcohol in order to kill bacteria on your finger. You can also wash your hands thoroughly in order to prevent more germs entering your skin.

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    Let the solution stay on your pimple

    After applying the paste on your pimple, let it stay there for as long as you can. Almost within 30 minutes, the solution will start to dry and fall.After the solution flake off, use a tissue to remove the aspirin.

    Note that wipe off aspirin in few turns.

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