How to Use Both the Metro UI and the Classic Start Menu in Windows 8

No doubt Windows 8 grabbed the spot light due to the new modification and the up-grading of the previous version. But there is another reason which makes this operating system worth being used; if you are missing any feature which was available in the previous operating system, however you are unable to experience it in the new version, then that can be retrieved in Windows 8. Yes, you can use both the Metro UI and the Classic Start Menu in Windows 8.

A simple procedure has to be followed in order to make few changes in the settings and you will e able to acquire the desired features in your new operating systems.


  • 1

    First you will have to open the windows explorer and choose any folder of your choice.

  • 2

    Then you will have to click on the View tab. If you are unable to view the tabs on the window, then click on the arrow shown on the right side of the window, which will help you in accessing rest of the groups available on the window.

  • 3

    On the upper right side of the window you can see the check box of Hidden items, check it.

  • 4

    Next you will have to click the .exe file which you can download form this Link. This link will allow you to run the 7Stacks installation.

  • 5

    A green box will appear on your screen before the installation begins, instead of clicking the Ok button click on the More info link.

  • 6

    In the next step you will have to click the Run anyway button.

  • 7

    Instructions will appear on your screen, follow them carefully. You can either create other stack with the use of 7 stacks along with a Start Menu stack.

  • 8

    Check the Create a Desktop Icon check box and click Next.

  • 9

    A window with the title of Create a new 7Stack window will appear on your screen. On the upper right side of the window click the SF button in order to edit the stack.

  • 10

    Browsers for Folder dialogue box will appear on the screen navigate through the available folders and select the link of the folder mentioned below.

    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

    Then click OK.

  • 11

    In the Caption edit box you will have to type the title, which will be displayed as a text for the shortcut you will create.

  • 12

    Drag your cursor towards the Stake type and click the drop down menu to view the list. Select Menu or Vertical stack, both types are capable for producing a popup menu, which is quite similar to the classic Start menu.

  • 13

    Now you will have to drag your cursor towards Icon and click to side of the box.

  • 14

    A new window will appear with the tile Change Icon, select an icon of your choice and click OK.

  • 15

    In the end click the Create Shortcut on Desktop.

  • 16

    In the similar window a message will be displayed at the bottom of the window saying, Stack Classic Start Menu successfully created.

  • 17

    You can place the stack on the taskbar by dragging the shortcut to the taskbar.

  • 18

    Click the shortcut and place it on the taskbar, a classic style start menu will appear. Along with the classic style start menu the Windows 8 Metro UI-style menu is also present there.

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