How to Use Espresso Machine

Espresso machine uses steam to create a variety of coffee drinks, including espresso shots, lattes, and cappuccinos. The machine is mostly used for commercial purposes, but there are some versions which have been downsized for home use as well.

The procedure for using this machine takes a bit of time, but is very easy once a person gets used to it.


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    The process begins by ensuring that the machine is electrically isolated. Depending upon how much coffee you want to make, take filtered water, unscrew the lid of the water reservoir on the machine, and pour it inside. The water level should not exceed more than 2/3rd height of the reservoir. Now put the lid back on.

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    The next step is to put the coffee inside the machine. In espresso machines, unlike the French coffee press, fine grounded coffee powder is used, and is packed into the filter. The filter is made of metal, and filling it with coffee, it should be placed gently back at its slot. The brew setting is then turned on.

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    Once the brewing process is finished remove the carafe, and pour the coffee into cups or a jug, depending upon the type of coffee you want to make.

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    The steaming of the milk follows next, and the first step again is related to the carafe. Rinse it clean and fill it to the marked point – specifically given for steam making in most household and commercial machines. Now transfer the water in the reservoir.

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    Now take the required amount of milk, pour it in a ceramic or stainless steel container. Switch on the steam setting. Place the container under the frothing post once the steam begins to come out, and gently shake it so that the process of frothing is facilitated.

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    Once the frothing process is complete, turn off the machine and pour the milk into the espresso. Please ensure that you hold back the froth with a spoon. Milk should make contact with the espresso first.

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