How to Use Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Hard drive is the most integral part of any computer or laptop. With the advancement in technology, this data storage device has become more and more robust, however it is still prone to data loss due to aging, mechanical defects or magnetic interference.

A user can be in quite an unpleasant situation, when the hard drive is no longer accessible or there are errors while reading information from the disc. Apparently its game over, as far as the data is concerned, but actually there are many software which can help you access it. This is because even though one side of the magnetic platter gets defected and becomes unaccesible, there is a always a chance that you obtain data from the other side. Accidentally deleted files from your computer, in most cases, can also be restored through these software. To do so, you must comply with certain procedures and use specially designed software.

Most computer stores offer data recovery services. However, paying money for something that you can easily do yourself would be ridiculous. Hetman Data Recovery is one of the methods through which you can recover hard drive data. Its operation has been discussed in this article.


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    Hetman Data Recovery software includes utility Hetman Unerase and Hetman Photo Recovery. It will help you to recover date which has been accidentally deleted and erased from the disk.

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    This data recovery software not only provides a solution to the hard drive problem but it can also help recover data from flash-media such as memory cards, mobile phones, USB-flash.

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    After downloading the program from the internet, start the "Master data recovery". Run it and answer all questions that will appear in the windows of the program.

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    Now press "deep analysis". The utility will scan the entire hard disk and highlight all the recent deleted files. To restore files, check the box in front of these files and click "Restore."

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