How to Delete a Page in Adobe Reader

Getting rid of pages or data in Adobe Acrobat is relatively complicated than doing the same in Microsoft word. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible. You might have to perform some extra steps to get rid of the unnecessary pages but you will eventually be able to get rid of the stuff you do not want to keep.

With the newest additions in Adobe, a user is able to change the order of pages, edit data, delete pages or insert new ones as and when deemed necessary. However, you should keep in mind that there is no backup of the pages you delete from Adobe – they are deleted on the permanent basis. Thus, you must be pretty sure about deleting a page otherwise it would be just increasing the burden on your shoulders.


  • 1

    Identify the pages you want to delete

    First of all, you should identify the pages that you wish to delete from your file. You must analyse all of these pages very carefully and decide whether you really want to delete them or not.

    If there is some data on these pages that you might need later on, then you should think twice before eliminating these pages from the file.

    It is important that you should note the page numbers that you want to delete.

  • 2

    Go to thumbnail view

    After you have jotted down the page numbers, you must go to thumbnail view. For this, you would have to look for ‘view’ in the main menu bar of the Adobe Reader. Now search for the available options in the view tab and move the mouse over ‘Navigation Panels’. After holding the mouse over navigation Panels, you will be displayed a couple of options; you must choose ‘Pages’ and the document will now be available in a thumbnail view.

    This thumbnail view of the document will be available on the left side of the window.

  • 3

    Select thumbnails

    Now, from the thumbnail view of the document, you must select the page that you wish to delete. If you want to get rid of multiple pages, you must press control and click on the thumbnails that you wish to delete.

  • 4

    Delete the pages

    After you have selected thumbnails of all the pages you want to delete, you must press the ‘delete’ key from your keyboard.

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