How to use Iron Phosphate in Gardens

Molluscs such as snails and slugs are harmful to plants. They not only feed on plants but leave slime trails on them from their mucus-secreting muscle. Getting rid of snails and slugs from your garden is possible by using poison baits. However, many people use a natural control such as iron phosphate in order to get rid of these pests. Two of the most popular snail and slug bait products are Sluggo and Escar-Go which also contain iron phosphate. It is safe to use iron phosphate as it does not harm pets, humans, fish, birds or even insects.


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    Get the iron phosphate product

    First you need to buy the iron phosphate products from your local gardening shop, pest control shop or even from large departmental stores. It is strongly recommended that you buy Sluggo or Escar-Go as they have powerful baiting ingredients which snails and slugs cannot resist. The molluscs will eat these iron phosphate products before eating the plants.

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    Apply the product

    Next you need to apply the iron phosphate product to the soil. You need to place the product on the soil where snails and slugs feed. It is strongly recommended that you do not pile it up but scatter it around the surface.

    Remember that the soil needs to be moist but there should be no water laying on the surface. In case the ground is dry, you need to wet it before using the product.

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    When a snail or slug eats iron phosphate, the iron phosphate gets in the way of calcium metabolism in their gut. As a result these pests stop eating immediately. They eventually die after 3 days or even a week. Remember that it is applied to the soil as a pellet which contains bait. The bait attracts the snails and slugs towards the pellet, eventually luring them to eat it.

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    When a snail or slug consumes iron phosphate, they get disposed without creating a mess. You will not see your plants bitten again after applying it. In addition to this, you will not see dead bodies of these snails and slugs. This is because they travel to other scheduled places before dying.

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    Iron phosphate monitors even hard to reach areas. This is because it attracts snails and slugs by making them come out from their hiding places.

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    Unused iron phosphate

    In case iron phosphate is not consumed by slug or snails, it is breaks down into fertilizer which is good for your soil. It is not easily dissolved in water. Thus it won’t be dispersed in areas where it is not applied.

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