How to Use Mink Oil as a Leather Protection

Mink oil is considered an effective solution to protect leather from dust or moisture and to make it softer and comfortable for use. Mink oil is extracted from mink fat and comes in the form of a paste or cream package. If you are witnessing any of your leather product losing its glisten and softness, or if it is getting murkier; it is high time you give it a mink oil conditioning. The process is simple, can be done at home and you would only require a mink-oil paste, a hair dryer and a piece of cloth. You can purchase mink oil cream from your nearest departmental store or any shoes store present in your neighborhood.

Things required:

– Hair Dryer / Heater
– Leather product that needs to be cleaned
– Clean piece of soft cloth
– Mink Oil / paste


  • 1

    Use a hairdryer to warm your leather product. You may also warm it by placing it before a heater. This warming or heating of the leather will increase its capacity to absorb the mink oil that will be applied on it.

  • 2

    Now grab a piece of cloth, spread it over your finger (index) and scoop out (take out) mink oil paste. Rub the mink oil over the leather until it is completely absorbed.

  • 3

    Redo the above step (Step 2) until the leather is conditioned and every inch of it is coated by the mink.

  • 4

    Leave the leather to dry for the whole night and then give it a second coat by redoing the process laid out in the above steps. Your leather product is ready to be used.

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